Below you will find many answers to common questions you might have while living at Frenchman's Woods. Please check this list first. If you don’t find the answer here, please contact our main office at 501 773 3500. 


QWhen is rent due?
Rent is due on the 1st of the month. Please consult your lease for your specific grace period and late fees.
QWhere do I make my rent payments?
You can submit your rent payment to PO Box 17250 Little Rock, AR 72222 or use the on site drop box (location disclosed in their lease). Please be sure that your check includes your full name and apartment address.


QCan I use Satellite TV services?
There are several cable providers to choose from however satellite service is not allowed. 
QHow do I set up my utilities?
You are responsible for setting up all utilities. Here are the companies that service your area: Electric - Entergy; Water - Central Arkansas Water; Gas (not in every unit) - Centerpoint Energy
QWhat do I do if I smell a gas leak?
First, open the windows and leave the apartment immediately, do not turn off any lights. Once you have done that: Call CenterPoint Energy at 800-992-7552, then call us M-F from 9am-5pm at 501-580-9769.
QWho do I call for the electric utilities?
Entergy is the electric utility company servicing Frenchman's Woods. You can activate new service at 1-800-368-3749 or here.
QWho do I call to activate water service?
The water service provider for Frenchman's Woods is Central Arkansas Water (501) 372-5161 located at 120 Main Street – North Little Rock.
QWho do I call to set up gas service?
Gas service is with CenterPoint Energy and the number is (800) 992-7552.


QAre pets allowed?
Yes, dogs & cats less than 35 lbs are allowed. No aggressive breeds. 
QWhat additional costs are there for pets?
We require an additional $400 up front fee + $25/month. All non refundable.
QWhat are your rules regarding pet waste cleanup?
We require our residents to be responsible pet owners. That means you are responsible for picking up your pet’s waste. Failure to follow these rules is a violation of the lease agreement and may result in eviction.

lease & renewal

QCan I break my lease?
Please refer to your lease for details. If you need a copy, please call us at 501.773.3500 and we can email you one.
QHow do I renew my lease?
Contact our main office and we will be glad to work with you to extend your lease.
QWhen does my lease expire?
Please refer to your lease for expiration information. We require 30 days written notice prior to the lease expiration as to whether you will be renewing or vacating. If notice is not received, the lease reverts to a month-to-month lease and there is a month-to-month fee that applies.
QWhen will I receive my security deposit?
Your security deposit will be sent to the forwarding address provided on the Notice to Vacate form within 60 days after we receive keys.


QAre refrigerators included?
Yes, each unit includes a refrigerator.
QAre the units air conditioned?
Yes, all of our units have central air conditioning.
QDo I need renter’s insurance?
We highly recommend renter's insurance for all residents, but do not require it.
QIs internet free?
No, we do not provide internet service of any type. You can get internet service from any local cable provider.
QIs there hookup for a washer and dryer?
Yes there is. Washer and Dryer rental is available separate from your normal lease.
QWho provides cable TV service?
Cable TV service can be arranged by you with any local cable TV provider.

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